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Produces a histogram showing the distribution in a population of Gamma values, used to examine the result of a full embedding search. Pass the result of fe_search() to this function to look for structure in the predictors. For example, it this histogram is bimodal, there is probably one input variable which is absolutely required for a good predictive function, so the histogram divides into the subset containing that variable, and the others that don't.


gamma_histogram(fe_results, bins = 100, caption = "")



The result of fe_search or full_embedding_search. A matrix containing a column labeled Gamma, of Numeric Gamma values. It also contains an integer column of masks, but that is not used by this function.


Numeric, number of bins in the histogram


Character string caption for the plot


a ggplot object, a histogram showing the distribution of Gamma values full embedding search output


e6 <- embed(mgls, 7)
t <- e6[ ,1]
p <- e6[ ,2:7]
full_search <- fe_search(predictors = p, target = t)
gamma_histogram(full_search, caption = "my data")