Smooth Regression

Smooth regression is the most general technique ever discovered for finding relationships in data. If you have good measurement, smooth regression will give you X-ray vision into the causal relationships in your data.

Unlike traditional regression, smooth regression does not ask you to specify a model before you begin. Working from data alone, it can find, measure, and model any functional relationship which is differentiable and smooth. That includes almost all natural and social processes.

Unlike other regression techniques, smooth regression is simple in concept. Although the mathematics behind it is very sophisticated, in use it does not rely on convoluted logic and dodgy assumptions. The basic analysis can be automated and used in data mining operations.

The heart of smooth regression is the gamma test, which measures noise in data. If your data results from any smooth function and noise, gamma measures the variance of the noise. Its proof was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series A, one of the world's most prestigious scientific journals. One reviewer called it "the Holy Grail of nonlinear modeling". With it you can detect and model any natural process that you can effectively measure.


What smooth regression is, and what it can do.

A video tutorial which includes four demonstrations. You can see in
real time the range of functions that smooth regression can find,
and how easy the analysis is.

How the Gamma Test works

A video tutorial which explains how the gamma statistic is calculated
and why it can measure any smooth causality.

New Tools in Non-Linear Modeling and Prediction

An article showing how smooth regression is used in research,
by Dr. Antonia Jones, its principal creator.

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